Lena Ludwig's screenwriting focuses on socially taboo issues, ones that continue to confuse western society. But instead of making sense of things from a traditional point of view (as expected), Lena chooses unconventional perspectives, with unpredictable outcomes. If you are looking for comfort and validation of your current belief system, you need not subscribe.

Lena is a seasoned ghost writer as well as a professional technical writer. With an engineering background, she approaches all of her projects with rigorous analytics. She does this with her screenwriting as well, but allows real world fallacies, sophisms and bizarre human nature to mold a story and carry it to interesting places.

Lena has dual citizenship: US and UK. Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Lena has also lived in Baltimore, Maryland; Pensacola, Florida; Winchester, England; and Brighton, England. She plans to move to Los Angeles in January 2017 to work full-time as a screenwriter.

Lena's most recent work is a drama/psychological thriller television series: "You Kill Like a Girl"

This is a story about Del.

Del is a very kind, caring person. She wouldn't hurt a fly. She rides her bike to work. She is smart, unpretentious, unattached. She leads a simple life, by intention. She believes in hard work, ethical living and being a good person. In a room of ten people, she believes nine of them should be dead.

Registered with Writers Guild of America West. Currently available to view on The Black List.

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If you are a producer, director, actor or industry insider and are interested in reviewing the Pilot Script and the TV Series Bible, please contact Lena.